The Hefty Eyes…

Back again for another bite at the cherry, the FTI Consulting‘s ‘Hefty Eyes’ are without doubt a contender for the crown this year. Thanks to Alastair Farr and the team for getting involved.


Just one word – a bold name choice! The team from Consilio guarantee some unbelievable vocal talents from Dr J. Close contenders in past years, will this lot win in 2018?


Peter and the Land Securities team took the prize last time (was it 2016? We can’t quite remember!) – so will they keep the trophy this year? Will they even find the trophy after their office move… A band so pro they even have their own twitter account @CabinFever_UK.


We still have no idea what it means. But JOB are a wildcard entrant… Formed of three likely lads from the East of London, technically they shouldn’t be part of the gig as they’re not even working yet – but we’re nice and it’s all for charity, so we let them in!