No Smoke Without Fire

A merger of musical talent taken from WSP and Astute Fire.  Said to be putting together a great set list for this year’s Expertise Rocks! event, assuring us that there will be some amazing vocal talents put before the crowd.  Will they be able to win the votes of the judges and take home the trophy this year, or will last year’s winners come out on top again?

The Rocking Regulators

The Rocking Regulators are a group of current and former city professionals who meet from time-to-time for studio jam sessions, playing classic rock covers together. This year they will be undertaking their first public performance at Expertise Rocks! 2019. After all of this time in the studio, lets see how their voices come together for a brilliant display of cover music!

Third Rock

There’s a new band coming along this year in attempt to blow you away with their musicality and overall performance, with a varied set list that runs back to the 80’s! Will these new performers be able to come through and stomp out the competition? You’ll only find out at Expertise Rocks! 2019.

The Hefty Eyes

Back again for another bite at the cherry, the FTI Consulting‘s ‘Hefty Eyes’ are without doubt a contender for winning the title this year, with great musicians performing at the event. If you need a recap of what happened when Elvis entered the building last year, have a look here. Thanks to Alastair Farr and the team for getting involved in Expertise Rocks! this year.


Last years winners Peter and the Land Securities team return to Expertise Rocks! in 2019 to defend their title. Have a look at their winning performance from 2018 here. Will they be able to take the title twice in a row, or will one of the other competitors be able to outplay them?