Alvarez and Marsal

Thank you to Alvarez and Marsal for sponsoring this years event. When Tony Alvarez and Bryan Marsal joined forces in 1983, it was with the intent of seamlessly linking operations, performance improvement and value creation to best help companies turn areas of stagnation into growth to achieve sustainable results. This…

Gatehouse Chambers

Many thanks to Gatehouse Chambers for sponsoring Expertise Rocks 2021! If you haven’t familiarised yourself with Gatehouse Chambers new website do it now.

Chronos Consult

Thank you to our friends at Chronos Consult for sponsoring this years event for the first which is greatly appreciated. We hope you are looking forward to having Chronos involved in Expertise Rocks 2021 as much as we are.

Decipher Consulting

Huge thanks to our friends at Decipher Consulting – not only have they provided a judge but also are sponsoring the evening’s activities. Please take a look at their website and see if they can help you.

Hanscomb Intercontinental

A very warm welcome once again to Hanscomb Intercontinental who have joined the list of wonderful sponsors supporting this year’s event. We look forward to seeing them and their guests on the night!